Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New thoughts and Apology for ignoring this blog post.

Well I was thinking of moving this blog and now they have changed the format I might. Can no longer upload images from my own files, how crazy is that.  The times are a changing and I am not liking the changes.
Anyway Happy 2014.  I am sure you have all had problems to overcome and trust you are all improving.  My journey has be n ok and sometimes very good.  We have only been on little side trips and mostly at home, due to health issues for myself and husband.
I had a set back in June but then after radiation, MM went silent for a while.  I have been blessed with feeling mostly really well.
I had a big event in October where I was well enough to take a major journey with a girlfriend.  We went to New York City and lived it up.  This was like a tonic for me, as I have not done much for myself, in the way of exciting things, in years.  We went to a special event and fashion show, at the store of Carolyn Herrera, the famous fashion designer.  It was awesome. To make it even better Nina Garcia, the main judge on Project Runway was the mc and we all had a lovely time meeting her. She is just as she seems with no artificial airs or graces.  The real Nina is what you see on TV.
We also had dinners out each evening and I met a new friend, Debbie, whom I knew from online.  Her dad Has MM also but what a charming young lady.
We ate at the Gramercy Tavern and it was an awesome experience.  2+ hour luncheon with a tasting menu that 2 of us could not finish. I give it 5 stars.
I would have posted the pics but the new concept here does not allow me to get to them.
I stayed well and we even had time to go to the Metropolitan museum.  For this I was very grateful.
My sister in Law passed in October so we went to Los Angeles for the service.  Trouble was Pepperdine Uni was not up to snuff on getting people around (Service was held there as she was a member of their church)  I hurt my side and still do not know what happened I had a60+ steps to get up and I do not know how I did it, disaster and I am paying for it now.
We like most of the country have been in the freezer for 2+ MONTHS, forget fall, we went into winter and it has not been easy.  Today we are having a heat wave at 45Deg F.
I have tried different new products to help with the cancer and there is a Dr Sircus from South America, who introduced me to Magnesium water, his special concoction, made with the help of a chemist who holds a nobel prize.  It keeps the body in the correct pH balance.  I had some problems with it at first, as I have a chemical imbalance (genetic) which cause my lymp nodes to shut down and swell, I am happy to report, I now take more of the water and my lymp system is being managed with Young Living oils.  Rubbing on Tangerine, Cypress and Lemongrass, twice daily, on the lymp nodes has made a huge difference.
I have had some severe pain lately and although my blood work shows almost normal, not sure what is going on.  As the bones are destroyed from the Multiple Myeloma, it is hard to get them back to working again. I pray the disease is on hold and that only the bones are causing the pain.
I have met so many people like myself, who struggle each day to stay alive, we all have the same happy positive outlook, despite the pain and suffering
IO want to update my website but need help doing so. My brain slipped a bit the last few months so now I am trying to do things to pump myself up and be more brain active.
I started physical therapy, at the hospital, but 2 hours later was in the ER with a fractured spine.  So I guess my bones are brittle.  I have a nice brace on and it does help.
I will try and keep you updated, as many things have changed in the MM treatments and natural treatments..  I can highly recommend the water from Dr Sircus

Worth checking out.  Blessings on you all.  :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Sunsets and Random Acts of Kindness

This is the Tranquil lake outside our door. Beautiful summer evening.  The heat finally came in full force, 112 deg F was our hottest day.  Stayed up for a week or so just enough to start the fire season then, in high 90's now slightly cooler.  Our ducks have decamped to our neighbors pond.  They bought a group of ducks, and our ducks decided that was more fun over there.  They turn up every now and then, to gobble feed.
I think in winter they may turn up as they get fed rather frequently.

I just read several amazing stories of passing on good deeds.  A gentleman was at the airport check-in counter and the CC would not go thru for the baggage.  His card was not overdrawn it just had a problem. He left the line and came back a short time later to try again and good Samaritan had paid his baggage fee, and left a note, saying pass it on. The man was astonished and will do his bit to pass it on.
Another story was a man at 3 am buying groceries and food for his family, the amount was too much and he only had a little money on his card,. The man started putting items back and trying to find out which were the most important to take home, a stranger gave him $100 to buy the necessities, the giver said the man dropped to his knees and hugged him saying how it would help his family.
These group of people go around and help others at their own expense.  What a lovely thing to see, as the greed and avarice of many abound, including our leaders.
Once when we were dining in a coffee shop last summer, an obviously needy soul was hugging a cup of water.  I asked the server why he did not eat, she said he could not afford it. They would let him come in to rest up.  We paid for a full meal and he never knew who we were.  These should be daily things, as we that are given much, need to show kindness.
One  does not have to be wealthy, just go without something yourself to help others.
I am so grateful to God For helping me heal again.  We cannot thank him enough for seeing us through all these trials.
I am not perfect but much better than when I last wrote.
I contracted the 'flu 10 days ago, and while I started on the antibiotics, as my immune system is kaput from the recent radiation, I only took 4 days of pills.  I could tell the pills were giving me another kind of infection.  I started taking Young Living Immune defense capsule.  My chest is 98% clear and I did not have to take a full dose of antibiotics.
These capsules are made from a group of essential oils that charge up the immune system.  I also used the thieves oil in Capsules and rubbed on T Tree and Melalucca oil.  Nothing like natural things to heal you.
I am taking large doses of my Polymva again and also drinking my special Magnesium Bicarbonate water.  This came from De Sircus of Brazil, who knows if you keep the pH balance of the body correct, it is hard for the cancer cells to grow.
Have a good week and blessings to all :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Wonderful to Be Alive and Enjoying All around Us

A Wonderful underwater video.

Hello My friends:   Trust your month has gone well.  A lazy cool summer here so far. I have posted a wonderful video on the undersea world.  Life is so tenuous for many at this time so something calming is good for the soul.
Bobbi if you are reading this I sent you an email but did not hear back from you.  Look in your spam folder under preferred customer.  I hope your husband is improving.  You can also read my website www.healingcancernatural.net
I am recovering nicely from my last bout with MM (multiple myeloma) with 11 radiations to spine and iliac crest.  Took away the terrible pain, now sailing along again.  I upped my polymva and added the Reshi. Mitaki, Shitake mushrooms along with some magnesium bicarbonate.  The big dose is still on its way.  Healthy living with fresh veggie juices, salads etc.  A lovely salad of lettuce, grated carrot strips, zucchini strips, berries, apples and pears freshly chopped (organic) with a boiled egg topping.  Yummy dressing and you have a complete meal.
Garden has produced its first tomato, the unexpected cold spell took out lots of already thriving vegies plus our fruit.  The local area has large Cherrie orchards and they did not get hardly a cherry, after the big cold event.
AT this time many are leaving us, some by their own hand and others from accidents and illness.  It is a trying time for those loosing loved ones, seeing so much suffering has had people asking where is God (or whomever wyou believe in) at this time. He is still with us and we must keep our faith and know we are loved and our hearts cleansed.  Take care and have a wonderful July :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Summertime and healthy living!

You may wonder what this symbol means, it is from a sacred cave in New Mexico I am told where lots of mysterious things we found.  I have lots of these pictures and I love them.  Color really speaks to me.
I apologize for not blogging for a long time. I just got wound up in every day life and then the technology age caught up with me.  This computer was in the shop for a week and I am still having problems.  My laptop is toast my wifi hit the deck, but they are just excuses.

I hope you are all doing well. My is a tale to come.  There has been much unrest in the air with many natural disasters and some not so natural.  We will not dwell on there here except to say prayers and love to all who lost loved ones in the various incidents.  It is hard on us who are left behind here.  There is only one consolation, they are in  a much better place.
      My week has been very busy with doctors etc.  Unfortunately I had a relapse of my MM.  I am still good, looking good etc.  My only complaint I was noticing some sciatica pain.  It became gradually worse with numbness in my groin.  I thought I had a bowel problem and the specialist explained why it could not be the bowel.
This all started about 5 weeks ago.  The various doctors were puzzled as my labs no increase in disease by blood work and other than the pain just seemed the same.  I must admit the pain became severe and I am finally off strong pain medicine.  The original 'bad' spots from my myeloma were throughout my body, brain and skull.  However the worst ones were on my lumbar spine and my iliac bone.  These 2 spots were now causing the pain and MM had resurfaced.  It is a devilish disease. Yes because I appeared to be doing so well I cut down my natural supplements.  I have come to realize this devlish disease likes to trick you.  So now I have  rammped up on PolyMva and curcumin, Minerals and vitamins.
I met a new doctor who resides in S America?  I think.  He has some wonderful new natural treatments.  His rĂ©gime for  is intense, but as I already do many of his suggestions, I just added some special ones.  He is saying Magnesium is vital in helping cancer.  Keeping the ph in body and stomach in alkaline condition, using digestive enzymes and natural foods, strict diet, adding special Magnesium bicarb capsules and interesting enuf, selenium.  I am adding his Magnesium Ideas and selenium.  Klaire labs has a formula called Bi-carb Formula, which is touted me on and so I bought a bottle of capsules.  Eat a lot of raw food, fresh homemade vegetable juices etc.
So will be able to let you know how I do.
My pain was extreme and I agreed to 10 mild xray treatments, which has lowered the pain considerably, one more to go.  My body is not strong in the bone area and this was a risky choice, but I guarantee the pain can kill you.
There is so much to be thankful for and I send good tidings to you.  I know this is a setback but that is all it is.  I will overcome and with God's help be guided thru this.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband who truly takes wonderful care of me.
Will keep this up on a regular basis.
I have invested in a Neat desk scanner and that is a couple of weeks work.  I started out telling you about my technical problems, well they keep coming. 6 months ago I purchased A HP scanner fax etc, it totally trashed itself yesterday.  I now own an Epsom.  It was an expensive blow up as I could not find my receipt. (Who throws receipts for big items away, not me) My messed up memory has put it somewhere odd. Had to bite the bullet on this.  It was nearly 50% off so that helped.
Take care all and be blessed.:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wonder Of healing thru Animals


The wonder of pets who help us heal.  This balloon shot was one taken years ago when we first had our dog Monty, he went berserk one morning and as we came outside we saw why, a balloon had landed in our pasture.  Dogs hate the sound of hot air balloons.

This same semi wild rescue dog, blue healer lab, became our constant companion, enjoying a life of luxury and running the hills.  He later became my guardian when I was so ill I could hardly get out of bed.  Each instance of my downward spiral, was accompanied by this dog sitting by my bed day and night.  He is gone now but what a loving caring dog he was. I am sure he would be happy to know how well I am doing.  He was abandoned from a farm and went miles each day looking for food.  Eventually the farm neighbors took him to the shelter where I found him.  He was an ungainly dog with huge feet.  The shelter said he was 4 months old but he really was 7 months old.  No one wanted him as he was going to be rather large.  There were much cuter dogs.
He suffered bleeding bowel for 6 months and was agitated, unfriendly to strangers and did not like close contact.  He was very opinionated.  We once went on a trip, for a couple of weeks, and when we came home and he came back from the kennel, he was upset.  We had a golf cart to run on our acreage, and my husband and Monty dog, went everywhere together.  Well we had locked him in the garage while we went to breakfast.  (He was a bad boy following us in the car if we did not lock him up) When we arrived home he had destroyed the seat in the golf cart.  Now did he destroy his seat, oh no, he destroyed my husbands seat.   Over the years he mellowed and we got him another companion named Boots.  She was the exact opposite , fearful and wanting to be cuddled.  (She was abandoned on the street near us and we took her in)
These dogs gave us so much love it impossible to say the impact on our lives.  We had them stay in garage at night with a doggie door and it was warm and cozy and cool in the summer.  Occasionally they were allowed in side, and then they wormed their way in more so we set up special beds for them in the living room.  They were not allowed on the carpet-we had plenty of wood floors.
When I took so ill my husband often closed the bedroom door, one evening Monty decided he had taken enuf of closed doors.  He came and laid by my side of the bed.  We felt so bad we made a bed for him.  In the day they would sometimes go outside but come pm, there he was (I was extremely ill the first winter) .  He never left till I got considerably better.  Boots was extremely caring also but showed it in a different way.
  Over the years I had a few very bad relapses and there the dog would be by the bed. Boots cared in a different way.  What a balm it was to my tortured soul (pain does that) to have someone to watch over me.  He held a special place in my heart. 
I was feeling much better and we went on a vacation; by this time we had a loving family we left the dogs with (I think they thought it was a second home) .  When the dogs arrived hone, upon our return, I was horrified to see his back flank, nothing but a raw opening with no fur.  The wonderful family could do nothing to stop him biting the area.  The mystery was later solved when a couple of weeks later we had a visitor who was psychic, and he and the dog, had a chat.  Poor Monty thought I had died as I was away for 10 days, and somehow I had not conveyed to him I would return.  He told my friend he would not bit himself anymore. I was in tears..
One does not really know how animals handle grief. After that I was careful to tell the dogs we were coming back.  Both dogs passed in 2011.  They could not live without each other.
I have just finished reading about a dog named Cleo short for Cleopatra.  Written by a New Zealand lady who lost a son age 9, in an accident.  Her grief knew no bounds.  The cat coming to the house was a miracle.  A short while before he passed the boy told his mother something that led me to believe he knew he was not going to live long.  He had gone to choose a cat and it was the runt of the litter. It could not come home as it was too small.  Much to the mothers dismay, the lady with the cat turned up 6 weeks later and did not know she had lost her son.  However she had another son, who when he saw the cat would not let it go.  He used to tell his mother the cat spoke with him and gave him messages from his brother.  They had the cat 23 years and many miracles of healing took place, directly connected to the cat. 
Many of you who are ill have your pets, who provide you comfort.  My friend Maryann had her dog almost taken from her recently.  A coyote savaged the dog.  Everyone wanted to put it down, she persevered.  Now the dog is recovering rather nicely and she has her companion back again.  She too has a serious illness but that dog knew she could not stand for it to depart and kept himself here for her.
My other dear friend Paula, who passed on a year ago, had a wonderful dog Buddy who gave her much love and pleasure in her terrible pain.  Unfortunately I have not heard how they are doing but I know that dog was devoted to her.
Animals give us unconditional love. Love is a very healing element in our lives.  We long for comfort in our pain and sorrow..they offer themselves freely.
I will not have anymore animals but I cherish the bond I had with Monty.  (My health does not allow me to mentor another dog)  We need to treat our friends and loved ones as the sacred animals treat us.  Do not underestimate their power to heal.
The hospitals and homes who have dogs visit know the healing power.  The children's hospital often have stories of great bonds for the animals and children in helping them with their recovery.
I thank God everyday for my healing and being able to experience such a wonderful bond with one of his creatures.  Many blessings to all! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is Here and New era dawning for me!

We are blessed with another spring and another year I am thankful to be still here.  Had a great 2012 with my supplements sustaining me.  I only had 9 weeks of sub-Q chemotherapy in the 9 years I have had this disease.  My supplements are seeing me through and I am very grateful.  Only a tiny % of MM is showing.  My labs are almost normal again.  I am feeling great and accomplishing more.
I realize how far I slipped with my bouts of active MM and now I am more clear headed, have so much to catch up on.  

I am greatly favoured with my health and thank God for his healing hand.  I have enjoyed trips and visits and now feeling JOY again in my life.  It is sometimes hard to explain that you are happy but don't have that zing for life you once did.  I want to start my garden but need help.  We are going to plant vegies so we do not have to suffer thru the pesticides and GMO that people put in our food.  The growing time here is limited so will do the best we can.  You also have to be careful of the plants and seeds you put in the ground.  If they have been altered the same will happen, poison one's food.

I love my flower garden and need inspiration to get it going.  The daffodils are almost ready to bloom.  My neighbors had some a couple of weeks ago but they have a direct sun spot that is not on our lot.  Most of the pictures here in my blog I took and mostly my own garden.  Happy Easter to all of you and may you find health as well as chocolate bunnies.
A reminder of something to stay healthy with.  Vitamin D Level needs to be checked to avoid the onset of disease and cancer.  A local doctor was faced with death and he started on his own anti cancer regime.  It worked for him when all the big cancer hospitals gave him up for dead.
Basics were healthy diet, no sugar or alcohol, rest and no stress. He took these supplements 4 times a day.  Pure brand mushroom mix  Reshi/Shitake/Mitake then Special Pure brand curcumin and Artimisinin.  So something simple can help you all.
I am trying to cook and plan meals more healthfully.  Simple meals like sauted fresh fist with Lemon oil salt and pepper, coleslaw salad and later a bowl of fresh fruit.  It is said apple is one of the few things one can eat with a meal and not interfere with the digestion. 
Young Living Oils are special for me, a little more expensive than some, but pesticide and GMO free.  I use lemon oil to wash my wood floors and give a pleasant odor.  I also take a drop in a glass of water a couple of times a day.  If I am having nausea, I put 2 drops in a glass of water of the peppermint.  These are simple things but work very well.  Lavender and peppermint together can help pain.  Lavender can heal burns. 
If we use our natural resources we can accomplish much.  Have a great Easter and blessings to all!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Healing Vacation and Tips for Aiding your Recovery

Our healing vacation began in February when we spent several glorious days in the sun and away from freezing temperatures.  We also enjoyed the benefits of really fresh food for our stay.  We went to the local farmers market and stored up on Papaya's, bananas and other delicacies. Yum !Huge limes, avacado's, fresh tomatoes, all grown locally.  Our hotel had a daily supply of fresh juices and fruits and freshly made food including locally caught fish.
If we could all live this way we would be better off.  I can't wait for spring and planting of our garden.
Hawaii has become very expensive so we made a lot of our own meals and shopping at the farmers market was a blessing.  I even bought local oils to rub on my bones.
Our local MD was telling us how he overcame his cancer.  Started in his prostate went to his bones. He had treatment but it did not work so he made his own formula.  He also was very careful of his diet and cut out sugar.  It is not easy but death or sugar is often an easy decision.
He took the following to help boost his system and knock out the cancer.  Artimisinin 4 caps daily, Pure Brand Curcumin 4 caps, and 4 caps of mushroom mix.  Reshi, Maitake and Reshi, Pure brand 4 caps.  Very rigid in taking it.  He is now cancer free.
What a simple thing and it worked for him.  This will assist in ridding the body of many diseases and aids cancer patients.  My friend in the 80's was taken severely ill, when an epidemic of Meningitis took over Hong Kong.  She was one of the few survivors, as a chinese doctor took over and fed her the Mushroom formula.
We are under a lot of stress this start of 2013.  Put your faith in a higher power and meditate.  Being stressed out will not help heal you.  Many are taking to illegal drugs but that is not the answer.
Picture yourself in a place like the one above, get in a hammock and meditate.  Will do a lot of good.
I am blessed with healing and pray for its continuance.    It is up to me to help myself heal.
Blessings to you all!