Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Healing Vacation and Tips for Aiding your Recovery

Our healing vacation began in February when we spent several glorious days in the sun and away from freezing temperatures.  We also enjoyed the benefits of really fresh food for our stay.  We went to the local farmers market and stored up on Papaya's, bananas and other delicacies. Yum !Huge limes, avacado's, fresh tomatoes, all grown locally.  Our hotel had a daily supply of fresh juices and fruits and freshly made food including locally caught fish.
If we could all live this way we would be better off.  I can't wait for spring and planting of our garden.
Hawaii has become very expensive so we made a lot of our own meals and shopping at the farmers market was a blessing.  I even bought local oils to rub on my bones.
Our local MD was telling us how he overcame his cancer.  Started in his prostate went to his bones. He had treatment but it did not work so he made his own formula.  He also was very careful of his diet and cut out sugar.  It is not easy but death or sugar is often an easy decision.
He took the following to help boost his system and knock out the cancer.  Artimisinin 4 caps daily, Pure Brand Curcumin 4 caps, and 4 caps of mushroom mix.  Reshi, Maitake and Reshi, Pure brand 4 caps.  Very rigid in taking it.  He is now cancer free.
What a simple thing and it worked for him.  This will assist in ridding the body of many diseases and aids cancer patients.  My friend in the 80's was taken severely ill, when an epidemic of Meningitis took over Hong Kong.  She was one of the few survivors, as a chinese doctor took over and fed her the Mushroom formula.
We are under a lot of stress this start of 2013.  Put your faith in a higher power and meditate.  Being stressed out will not help heal you.  Many are taking to illegal drugs but that is not the answer.
Picture yourself in a place like the one above, get in a hammock and meditate.  Will do a lot of good.
I am blessed with healing and pray for its continuance.    It is up to me to help myself heal.
Blessings to you all!


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