Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wonder Of healing thru Animals


The wonder of pets who help us heal.  This balloon shot was one taken years ago when we first had our dog Monty, he went berserk one morning and as we came outside we saw why, a balloon had landed in our pasture.  Dogs hate the sound of hot air balloons.

This same semi wild rescue dog, blue healer lab, became our constant companion, enjoying a life of luxury and running the hills.  He later became my guardian when I was so ill I could hardly get out of bed.  Each instance of my downward spiral, was accompanied by this dog sitting by my bed day and night.  He is gone now but what a loving caring dog he was. I am sure he would be happy to know how well I am doing.  He was abandoned from a farm and went miles each day looking for food.  Eventually the farm neighbors took him to the shelter where I found him.  He was an ungainly dog with huge feet.  The shelter said he was 4 months old but he really was 7 months old.  No one wanted him as he was going to be rather large.  There were much cuter dogs.
He suffered bleeding bowel for 6 months and was agitated, unfriendly to strangers and did not like close contact.  He was very opinionated.  We once went on a trip, for a couple of weeks, and when we came home and he came back from the kennel, he was upset.  We had a golf cart to run on our acreage, and my husband and Monty dog, went everywhere together.  Well we had locked him in the garage while we went to breakfast.  (He was a bad boy following us in the car if we did not lock him up) When we arrived home he had destroyed the seat in the golf cart.  Now did he destroy his seat, oh no, he destroyed my husbands seat.   Over the years he mellowed and we got him another companion named Boots.  She was the exact opposite , fearful and wanting to be cuddled.  (She was abandoned on the street near us and we took her in)
These dogs gave us so much love it impossible to say the impact on our lives.  We had them stay in garage at night with a doggie door and it was warm and cozy and cool in the summer.  Occasionally they were allowed in side, and then they wormed their way in more so we set up special beds for them in the living room.  They were not allowed on the carpet-we had plenty of wood floors.
When I took so ill my husband often closed the bedroom door, one evening Monty decided he had taken enuf of closed doors.  He came and laid by my side of the bed.  We felt so bad we made a bed for him.  In the day they would sometimes go outside but come pm, there he was (I was extremely ill the first winter) .  He never left till I got considerably better.  Boots was extremely caring also but showed it in a different way.
  Over the years I had a few very bad relapses and there the dog would be by the bed. Boots cared in a different way.  What a balm it was to my tortured soul (pain does that) to have someone to watch over me.  He held a special place in my heart. 
I was feeling much better and we went on a vacation; by this time we had a loving family we left the dogs with (I think they thought it was a second home) .  When the dogs arrived hone, upon our return, I was horrified to see his back flank, nothing but a raw opening with no fur.  The wonderful family could do nothing to stop him biting the area.  The mystery was later solved when a couple of weeks later we had a visitor who was psychic, and he and the dog, had a chat.  Poor Monty thought I had died as I was away for 10 days, and somehow I had not conveyed to him I would return.  He told my friend he would not bit himself anymore. I was in tears..
One does not really know how animals handle grief. After that I was careful to tell the dogs we were coming back.  Both dogs passed in 2011.  They could not live without each other.
I have just finished reading about a dog named Cleo short for Cleopatra.  Written by a New Zealand lady who lost a son age 9, in an accident.  Her grief knew no bounds.  The cat coming to the house was a miracle.  A short while before he passed the boy told his mother something that led me to believe he knew he was not going to live long.  He had gone to choose a cat and it was the runt of the litter. It could not come home as it was too small.  Much to the mothers dismay, the lady with the cat turned up 6 weeks later and did not know she had lost her son.  However she had another son, who when he saw the cat would not let it go.  He used to tell his mother the cat spoke with him and gave him messages from his brother.  They had the cat 23 years and many miracles of healing took place, directly connected to the cat. 
Many of you who are ill have your pets, who provide you comfort.  My friend Maryann had her dog almost taken from her recently.  A coyote savaged the dog.  Everyone wanted to put it down, she persevered.  Now the dog is recovering rather nicely and she has her companion back again.  She too has a serious illness but that dog knew she could not stand for it to depart and kept himself here for her.
My other dear friend Paula, who passed on a year ago, had a wonderful dog Buddy who gave her much love and pleasure in her terrible pain.  Unfortunately I have not heard how they are doing but I know that dog was devoted to her.
Animals give us unconditional love. Love is a very healing element in our lives.  We long for comfort in our pain and sorrow..they offer themselves freely.
I will not have anymore animals but I cherish the bond I had with Monty.  (My health does not allow me to mentor another dog)  We need to treat our friends and loved ones as the sacred animals treat us.  Do not underestimate their power to heal.
The hospitals and homes who have dogs visit know the healing power.  The children's hospital often have stories of great bonds for the animals and children in helping them with their recovery.
I thank God everyday for my healing and being able to experience such a wonderful bond with one of his creatures.  Many blessings to all! 

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