Friday, June 7, 2013

Summertime and healthy living!

You may wonder what this symbol means, it is from a sacred cave in New Mexico I am told where lots of mysterious things we found.  I have lots of these pictures and I love them.  Color really speaks to me.
I apologize for not blogging for a long time. I just got wound up in every day life and then the technology age caught up with me.  This computer was in the shop for a week and I am still having problems.  My laptop is toast my wifi hit the deck, but they are just excuses.

I hope you are all doing well. My is a tale to come.  There has been much unrest in the air with many natural disasters and some not so natural.  We will not dwell on there here except to say prayers and love to all who lost loved ones in the various incidents.  It is hard on us who are left behind here.  There is only one consolation, they are in  a much better place.
      My week has been very busy with doctors etc.  Unfortunately I had a relapse of my MM.  I am still good, looking good etc.  My only complaint I was noticing some sciatica pain.  It became gradually worse with numbness in my groin.  I thought I had a bowel problem and the specialist explained why it could not be the bowel.
This all started about 5 weeks ago.  The various doctors were puzzled as my labs no increase in disease by blood work and other than the pain just seemed the same.  I must admit the pain became severe and I am finally off strong pain medicine.  The original 'bad' spots from my myeloma were throughout my body, brain and skull.  However the worst ones were on my lumbar spine and my iliac bone.  These 2 spots were now causing the pain and MM had resurfaced.  It is a devilish disease. Yes because I appeared to be doing so well I cut down my natural supplements.  I have come to realize this devlish disease likes to trick you.  So now I have  rammped up on PolyMva and curcumin, Minerals and vitamins.
I met a new doctor who resides in S America?  I think.  He has some wonderful new natural treatments.  His régime for  is intense, but as I already do many of his suggestions, I just added some special ones.  He is saying Magnesium is vital in helping cancer.  Keeping the ph in body and stomach in alkaline condition, using digestive enzymes and natural foods, strict diet, adding special Magnesium bicarb capsules and interesting enuf, selenium.  I am adding his Magnesium Ideas and selenium.  Klaire labs has a formula called Bi-carb Formula, which is touted me on and so I bought a bottle of capsules.  Eat a lot of raw food, fresh homemade vegetable juices etc.
So will be able to let you know how I do.
My pain was extreme and I agreed to 10 mild xray treatments, which has lowered the pain considerably, one more to go.  My body is not strong in the bone area and this was a risky choice, but I guarantee the pain can kill you.
There is so much to be thankful for and I send good tidings to you.  I know this is a setback but that is all it is.  I will overcome and with God's help be guided thru this.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband who truly takes wonderful care of me.
Will keep this up on a regular basis.
I have invested in a Neat desk scanner and that is a couple of weeks work.  I started out telling you about my technical problems, well they keep coming. 6 months ago I purchased A HP scanner fax etc, it totally trashed itself yesterday.  I now own an Epsom.  It was an expensive blow up as I could not find my receipt. (Who throws receipts for big items away, not me) My messed up memory has put it somewhere odd. Had to bite the bullet on this.  It was nearly 50% off so that helped.
Take care all and be blessed.:)

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